Design for Hospitality

Hospitality, tourism, residences for the elderly to ensure safety with style

Inclusivity and style
Hotels, resorts, bed and breakfasts, vacation homes, agritourisms, but also residences, nursing homes, assisted flats, and facilities for the care of the elderly.

Design for all

A tool and an approach to inclusive design

Design for All promotes the idea that products, services, and environments should be designed considering the needs of all people, regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities. This approach contributes in creating a more inclusive environment and improving the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Goman has always promoted this approach in designing inclusive and accessible bathrooms for everyone. We believe that functional aspects should be integrated with attractive and high-quality design, also applying the strategic fundamentals of the worldwide recognized Made in Italy.

For this reason, we cooperate with designers and architects to develop solutions that seamlessly integrate into the tourism and hospitality environments.


Inclusion: safety with style

We believe in designing bathrooms that are safe yet stylish, supporting the idea that inclusive design should increasingly focus on the theme of widespread accessibility. We like to merge the concepts of “functionality” and “elegance” into one, proposing innovative products.

Design and innovation are the driving forces behind proposing new products that guarantee the pleasure of safe use for everyone.

Assistance for inclusive design

At Goman, we provide constant assistance in creating safe and elegant bathroom environments.

We support the designer by proposing the most suitable solutions based on available spaces, specific requirements during the design phase, and current regulations. We also help in decision-making through the production of high-resolution renderings with realistic images and precise dimensions, accompanied by specification texts.
We make our drawings available with the use of BIM, 2D, and 3D libraries available for design. We believe this is an essential added value during the design of inclusive environments.

Quality and production Made in Italy

All items produced in Goman’s workshops respect the Italian legislation and the European directive – CE, allowing us a 10-year warranty thanks to the fully internal and traced production chain in addition to the “100% Made in Italy” documentation.

All products in the catalogue comply with the European directive – CE, ISO 9001 certified, and TUV certified.

Customized catalogue product Made in Italy

The large Goman catalogue allows the realization of accessible and safe bathrooms that meet any need, whether functional or design-related.

The products and series developed and produced over the years allow us to offer multiple and different models and a wide choice of finishes in any RAL color, up to the study of tailor-made solutions for specific needs.

The European directive

Accessibility, safety, and inclusion

The European Union has adopted specific norms and to ensure the accessibility of buildings, infrastructure, and technologies, taking into account the needs of people with disabilities. These norms are aimed at ensuring access to toilet facilities in public places such as bars, restaurants, and hotels, promoting the right to inclusion for all people.

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