The furnishing foldable bar for All

Twenty years of experience and research have led Goman to study and propose solutions for safety and design-friendly bathrooms that go beyond categories and easy discriminations. For this reason, we have always aimed at the production of items for All, which can fit into the most varied contexts.

Shade is the new ergonomic and foldable bar. The Shade bar is born with the intention of continuing to open paths and indications for the bathroom furnishings for All, where the needs and emotions of people are in the center.

The Shade bar is the result of synthesis and aesthetics where the technical element hides like a shadow in the wall, elegantly blending with other objects present and in the atmospheres desired by the interior designer..

We guarantee safety, elegance, and inclusive accessibility

Thanks to the bar structure available in all RAL colors range and to chrome finishes, the Shade bar abandons the orthopedic and hospital-like appearance typical of classic foldable bars. The bar skillfully blends into any bathroom environment as a minimalist and contemporary furnishing element.


A guaranteed movement system, extremely comfortable, with friction, safe, load capacity 150kg.

Compatible with safety aids, even in the most specific and technically organized environments for personal care, such as nursing homes, and in accommodation facilities suitable for accessible tourism, hotels, and wherever the formal aspect is not to be neglected. The Shade bar integrates evenly to become the non-invasive protagonist element.

The Shade bar is therefore a standalone furnishing element, compatible with the Mia, Leonardo Deluxe, and Raffaello series.

Shade bar, combinable with the Mia, Raffaello, and Leonardo Deluxe series


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