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Professional and high-quality solutions to meet the needs of safety, care, and health.

Beyond the barriers
Places dedicated to care and health, such as hospitals, clinics, as well as public and private spaces widely used by the community, demand compliant bathroom environments equipped with high-quality tools, aids, and sanitary facilities that enable use in complete safety and autonomy.

Do you need to create a compliant bathroom?

The accessibility theme is increasingly felt and important. There are many realities that have to convert their environments respecting the needs of all. It is necessary to use a different approach from the past and design in an accessible manner.

Goman offers aids and furnishing elements that allow to create compliant bathrooms, reducing obstacles, fully observing the regulations without neglecting the final aesthetic aspect of the bathroom environment.

Public places accessible to all must comply with the barrier-free standard. They must be easily accessible even for those with limited mobility. The access must be comfortable and easy for at least one toilet.

Public places
Company bathrooms
Bars – Restaurants

Nursing homes
Clinics and Health Care Homesì
Retirement homes
Residences for the elderly

Professionalism in the use of specific and certified products is necessary to guarantee the safety of users and caregivers, so that the bathroom complies not only with current regulations but also with the trust of users and operators.

Schools and Universities
Student dormitories
Rest areas along highways
Train stations

The needs for the construction and/or renovation of compliant bathrooms, both during the design and implementation phases, are coordinated and supported by Goman technicians’ experience to advise on the selection of the most suitable elements and their correct positioning, based on the type of the bathroom, its use, and its context.


Design assistance

Goman provide constant assistance in creating compliant accessible bathroom environments. We support the designer by proposing the most suitable solutions based on: available spaces, specific design requirements and current regulations.

We also assist the choice thanks to the production of high-resolution photorealistic renderings with precise dimensions, accompanied by specification texts. We make our drawings available with the use of BIM, 2D, and 3D libraries available for design. We believe this is an essential added value during the design of inclusive environments.

Quality and production Made in Italy

All items produced in Goman’s workshops respect the Italian legislation and the European directive – CE, allowing us a 10-year warranty thanks to the fully internal and traced production chain in addition to the “100% Made in Italy” documentation.

All products in the catalogue comply with the European directive – CE, ISO 9001 certified, and TUV certified.

Products catalogue

The large Goman catalogue allows the realization of accessible and safe bathrooms that meet any need, whether functional or design-related.

The products and series developed and produced over the years allow us to offer multiple and different models and a wide choice of finishes in any RAL color, up to the study of tailor-made solutions for specific needs.

Aseptic and antibacterial coating

All Goman products undergo an antibacterial process. They are protected by a new and unique coating that inhibits the development of bacteria, molds, and algae thanks to the action of silver ions that counter the growth of microorganisms.

The effectiveness has been tested in qualified external laboratories in accordance with JIS Z 2801:2000 regulation. Also approved for food use, it is absolutely non-toxic to humans.

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