Design and Innovation to Chart New Accessibility and Inclusion Scenarios.

SINCE 1999

Over twenty years of experience for quality and safety

Goman was founded in 1999 as a spin-off of Gover Verniciature, established in 1960 by Renato Goglione, now a well-established partner of many prominent companies, particularly in the Design sector.

Goman produces and markets aids and sanitary products for bathrooms with a focus on safety, also intended to people with disabilities, paying great attention to the quality and innovation typical of Made in Italy.

2022 - Legality Rating

At Goman, we strive every day to ensure our customers receive products of the highest quality. This quality is not only determined by the attention we put into all phases of design and production but also by the attainment of significant recognitions.

For this reason, we are proud to announce that we have achieved a 2 star in the Legality Rating, a great achievement that confirms our daily efforts to ensure ethical behavior within the company.

Goman Srl - Unità

Goman Workshops

Internal Laboratories
for Maximum Accuracy.

Through two decades of experience, Goman workshops stand out as specialized internal laboratories in metalworking. Our highly qualified staff excels in welding techniques and the advanced use of CNC machinery for cutting and bending. Expertise also extends to assembly, painting, and quality control, ensuring an unmatched level of precision.

This dedication to quality translates into rigorous controls throughout the production process, ensuring the creation of products subjected to tests and certifications. This assurance of quality and control of our processes allows us to provide a 10-year warranty for items produced in our workshops, with the possibility of extending it up to 25 years. Additionally, Goman guarantees that all products distributed in the catalogue are Made in Europe and comply with CE regulations.

This commitment testifies to our confidence in the durability and excellence of our products, positioning Goman workshops as a reference point for reliable and high-quality solutions, entirely Made in Italy.

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6 Production Facilities

A Comprehensive Internal
Supply Chain

Thanks to 6 strategically distributed production facilities, Goman excels in internally producing a considerable portion of its extensive range of catalogue products. This vertical integration includes a highly specialized metalworking workshop, two powder coating plants, departments dedicated to assembly, quality control, and laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in specific internal control and testing processes. Among these, the use of salt spray machines and flow tests stands out, guaranteeing the compliance and durability of our products with the highest quality standards.

Furthermore, efficient warehouse management is an integral part of our operational strategy. We maintain a large stock of high-rotation products to ensure prompt availability and timely shipments. This practice allows us to offer our customers an immediate response to their needs, emphasizing our commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence in providing Made in Italy products.

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R&D Department

A Think Tank for Innovation

The R&D department has always been the heart of the company because Goman products increasingly aim to meet the needs of their customers.

The awards and recognitions received are the result of the department's constant work in designing innovative and inclusive products, with high standards of quality, comfort, and safety for bathroom environments designed for care, health, and hospitality.

Goman Srl - R&D Department

Design and Innovation to Chart New Accessibility and Inclusion Scenarios.

The R&D department, designers, and universities are the team that best represents the constant commitment to researching innovative solutions that open up new scenarios for accessible and inclusive bathroom environments. Embracing the principles of Design for All, Goman aims to continue developing products, proposing new finishes, and elaborating settings to expand the range of reference imagery usable by architectural firms, technical studios, and other industry operators. Hospitals, nursing homes, and places of care and health, including domestic ones, require attention and sensitivity; for this reason, the Goman catalogue aims to increasingly enrich itself with proposals to meet every need and condition.


Quality and Made in Italy

Quality, always a cornerstone of the intrinsic values of Made in Italy, constitutes the guiding principle of Goman's entire corporate philosophy, permeating every aspect, from organizational structure to the production process, to the care reserved for the end customer.

Our relentless commitment to excellence has driven us to promote with great professionalism a range of meticulously crafted and certified products. This commitment goes beyond mere manufacturing; it is a continuous effort to promote inclusion and make a tangible contribution to the quality of life of people with disabilities. Our dedication to quality is manifested through careful design and production of solutions that not only meet certified criteria but also meet the specific needs of those who use them.

The decision to keep the entire production process internal is not only a testament to the authenticity of Made in Italy but also represents thorough study and relentless research to define a distinctive Italian style. Every element of our products is packaged with care and dedication, conveying an intrinsic elegance that reflects the sophistication and attention to detail typical of Italian craftsmanship. In this way, Goman contributes to spreading and preserving the legacy of a distinctive Italian style, while offering high-quality solutions to improve the lives of those who use them.

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Design and Safety

Design and Innovation are the driving force behind proposing new products that guarantee the pleasure of safe use for everyone.

In addition to providing tested products and accessories to comply with current regulations in Italy and abroad, Goman allocates resources to ensure maximum safety in accessing bathroom environments for people with disabilities and mobility limitations. Design and the search for innovative solutions are always an opportunity to improve functionality and quality.

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Health and Social Responsibility

Caring for health facilities, hospitality, and understanding are essential for social responsibility and impact, also thanks to Goman products.

Goman's design, quality, and production safety are the result of a constant commitment to care and autonomy, aiming to have a positive impact on people with disabilities, their families, and loved ones. Making people feel welcomed and understood in moments of vulnerability through bathroom environments with products and accessories will always be the company's ambition.

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It is in 1999 when a new idea of bathroom furniture for people with disabilities is born: Goman has based its operations on quality and innovation from the very beginning, suggesting accurate design as a distinctive element in a sector focused solely on hospital products, with the aim of combining aesthetics and functionality and bringing 'a ray of light to those in the shadows.'

Goman Srl - Lavabo Flight

It is in 2009 when Goman presents the new and innovative Flight washbasin, unprecedented in the bathroom furniture landscape. In fact, due to its captivating design and technical qualities, it is unique in its kind, opening new horizons for the design of the healthcare sector. Following the principles of Design for All, it becomes universal, standing out in the bathroom furniture sector for people with disabilities.

Authoritative and international design institutions, such as the if Product Design Award, Designpreis Deutschland, WT Award, ADI Design Index, Premio de diseño Habana, selection for the XXIII Edition of the Compasso d'Oro Award.



Goman Srl - Prime Washbasin

The Prime washbasin is born from the objective of being able to use countertop washbasins even in safety bathroom environments, respecting current regulations and allowing for usage previously impossible. Goman is the first and only company to have conceived and realized a countertop washbasin "for everyone", and the Design for All Italy association has recognized the elements of innovation by awarding the prestigious DfA Gold label. Entering the ADI Index 2019 selection, it competes for the Compasso d'Oro 2020.