The Prime countertop washbasin for All

With the Prime washbasin, a new design experience is born where the function for All goes beyond the usual formal trends of countertop washbasins.

It is something absolutely innovative in the world of contemporary bathroom furnishings that has never before considered an expanded user base. And it doesn’t only concern domestic environments but also public bathrooms and hospitality spaces where compliance with regulations is not optional.

Goman is the only company to have conceived and created a countertop washbasin “for everyone”.

A product for everyone recognized by Design for All Italy

When the concepts of design, aesthetics, trend, and utility for all come together and merge into a single product, it means one thing: Design for All.

With the Prime washbasin, Goman promotes the concepts of “Design for All” to the extent that the authoritative association Design for All Italy has recognized the elements of innovation by awarding the prestigious DfA Gold label to Goman’s Prime Washbasin.

This is the most important recognition that is awarded only if the product meets all the principles and requirements of Design For All in relation to the category in which it falls.

Designed by Francesco Rodighiero

PRIME is competing for the “Compasso d’Oro ADI 2020”. It was selected in the ADI Index 2019, a recognition for design quality, formal aspects, and utility for all with particular attention to disabilities.

It is the first countertop washbasin capable of ensuring compliance with current accessibility regulations. Furthermore, it respects the dignity of individuals and increases design freedom for all bathroom stakeholders.

Who is it for?
Transversal utility

The washbasin produced by Goman, in addition to offering an extremely contemporary and trendy design, allows project managers to develop their creativity. They can create a truly accessible bathroom, compliant with regulations and non-discriminatory towards people with disabilities or the elderly.

Prime is aimed at industry professionals, including Interior Designers and Architects, who can use the guidelines of the Prime program to project designer bathroom furnishings for hotels, restaurants, and public places, accessible to everyone without discrimination while respecting people’s dignity. Additionally, the washbasin is also aimed at private individuals who desire a modern and functional bathroom furnishing.

Compatibility and versatility

Prime allows flexibility and freedom of use. With Goman’s countertop washbasin, it is possible to use different materials, colors, and products.

Just a few adjustments are enough to create a modern and design bathroom for both residential and commercial users, such as a hotel room or restaurant bathroom.

Thanks to the inclusion of the Prime washbasin, it will be possible to create environments with trendy aesthetics, captivating and at the same time accessible in full compliance with regulations.

Features and functionalities

Prime is not just a countertop washbasin. Combined with the top and the relevant installation instructions, Goman transforms the ideas of Design for All into realities compliant with current regulations.

It can also be adapted to any top. In the case of creating a bathroom furnishing in line with accessibility regulations, the top must have specific characteristics as specified in the installation instructions:

  • A top thickness of maximum 4 cm
  • An overall height of the surface of maximum 72 cm from the ground

Goman’s design capabilities and experience have allowed the creation of a multifunctional washbasin compliant with current regulations for the elimination of architectural barriers. It also allows those with disabilities who use a wheelchair to use the bathroom without any hindrance.

Always with accessibility in mind, Prime is designed with an 8-degree inclination towards the user, a feature that allows elbows to rest and the washbasin to be used easily and comfortably. Also, thanks to the concave front edge, the user can get as close as possible to the center of the washbasin and the tap.

Prime is available in both glossy and matte white versions.

Schema utilizzo Lavabo Prime Goman


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