For a sense of total security, comfort, relaxation, and well-being

For those with mobility difficulties such as the elderly and disabled, rapid and safe access to the bathtub is essential. Tubs with doors, also called tubs with portals, are the best solution for a sense of total security, comfort, relaxation, and well-being.

A bathtub with a door features a comfortable seat that allows the individual to avoid falls due to the slippery environment.

Oasis Line and Doorex Line: Goman's Bathtubs with Doors

The tubs with doors from our Oasis line and Doorex line have been specially designed to make access to the bathtub as safe as possible.

They are ergonomic, with a very low entry step and a comfortable, spacious, and non-slip seat.

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The tubs for the elderly and the tubs for the disabled in these elegant Goman bathroom furniture series feature an easy-to-use door with a practical inward opening that ensures a perfect seal even over time.

In particular, the tubs with doors from the Oasis and Doorex lines have a gel coat structure on fiberglass, a self-supporting stainless steel frame, adjustable feet, and easily removable panels. This last feature allows for better maintenance and cleaning.

How to Use a Bathtub with a Door

Using a bathtub with a side door is very simple: after sitting down, it is sufficient to rotate the legs to find oneself in the optimal and safe position, and then proceed to fill the bathtub with water.

A Customized Bathtub

Our Oasis line allows you to choose the bathtub version with the most suitable opening for the needs of an elderly person or a disabled person, as well as for the space requirements in the environment where it will be installed.

We have tubs with doors of different lengths and sizes, adaptable even for renovations of existing bathrooms. For all models of bathtubs in the Oasis line, both the version with the door opening to the right and to the left are available to meet any positioning choice.

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The tubs with doors from our furniture lines come standard, complete with both side panels, a bathtub column with overflow, tap, and detachable shower. Installing our bathtub is very simple, just connect it to the plumbing system. No special skills or specific expertise are required.

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Complete Your Bathroom

The Goman® catalogue also offers the widest range of support rails, shower seats, safety accessories, furnishing aids, sanitary ware, and anything else needed to integrate and make the bathroom comfortable and safe, not only to give equal dignity to the elderly but also to make it elegant and usable in complete safety and autonomy for the entire family.

Private Contributions

Thanks to decree no. 236 of 1989, tax benefits and income tax deductions have been introduced to encourage the removal of architectural barriers, even in the case of renovating an existing bathroom in order to adapt it to new needs within the family environment.

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