The Universal washbasin

Modern design, besides being evocative, surprising, emotional, and innovative, must create a functional and accessible object. Flight is a technical and design washbasin, unique in its kind, which incorporates all these characteristics, opening new horizons to the design of the healthcare sector. Contemporary design must also meet the needs of the right to equality, the gradual aging of the population and the economic savings, aviding the creation of bathroom environments specifically dedicated to the disabled or people with difficulties.

Flight is an elegant washbasin for everyone, designed for those with mobility problems, temporary or permanent, for able-bodied users, for children.

Brightness and Lightness

Made with a single shaped sheet of Corian® that expresses lightness and transparency, Flight represents a light in a sector, the bathroom environment for the disabled, often characterized by orthopedic and forcibly technical appearance.

Flight, with its soft and sinuous lines, surpasses, as in flight, the aesthetic barriers resulting from regulations frequently misinterpreted.

Designed by Francesco Rodighiero


The search for an element easily adoptable in public, private, and representative contexts such as offices, hotels, restaurants, bars, and homes, has led to the development of the Flight washbasin. Another opportunity for Goman to demonstrate that regulations and the right to a safe bathroom are not synonymous with technical and unpleasant places.


Flight is a washbasin with unique technical features to simplify the maneuvers of use for people with mobility difficulties.

The thin monocoque provides space for the knees, the fixed inclination of the top, and the concave front edge with elbow support, enables avoiding pneumatic adjustment mechanisms, allowing approach and facilitated use by anyone.

Ergonomics, safety, functionality, and accessibility are the guidelines of Flight.

Technical Features

Universal monocoque washbasin, made of a single sheet of 12 mm thick translucent or white Corian®, equipped with a top with elbow support, inclined at 11°, and a concave front edge to facilitate approach and rotation maneuvers on a wheelchair. Supplied pre-assembled, complete with chrome-plated brass overflow and galvanized and painted steel fixing bracket with 4 wall anchor points. Total weight 12 Kg. Load capacity 150 Kg.

Corian® DuPont™

Corian® is non-toxic, inert, and ecological (green guard certification for indoor air quality certified), has good resistance to chemicals and UV rays. Easily cleanable and repairable in case of scratches or chips.


Flight is the result of a team effort. Architect Massimo Rodighiero and designer Francesco Rodighiero translated the needs and inputs of the Research & Development department led by Rossano Zambelli, into a synthesis process that led to the creation of a washbasin with organic and sinuous shapes. Installed in environments such as airports in Rome, new Hotels in Milan for 2015 EXPO, cultural places in Florence, SPA wellness centers in Trentino, tourist points of interest in Naples, Palermo, the value of Flight has been recognized immediately by authoritative and international design institutions, such as:

  • iF product design Award, Germany 2010
  • Designpreis Deutschland in 2011
  • Wt award in 2010
  • ADI design index, Italy 2011
  • Premio de diseño Habana, Cuba 2011
  • In 2014, in Milan, it participates in the selection for the XXIII Edition of the Compasso d’Oro Award.


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