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Balance and functionality for self-care, well-being and need for comfortable and safe bathrooms

Furnishing aids
Homes, apartments, private residences, spaces shared across different generations, all of this respecting and ensuring the safety of the entire family.

Do you need to realize a bathroom for your home?

The concepts of functional and beautifully designed bathrooms have merged over time, especially when considering the creation of a bathroom for the home and family. A functional bathroom is often associated with being unattractive. With products from the living section, we create bathroom environments that are safe for the whole family yet elegant and aesthetically pleasing.

We work closely with the client, studying suitable solutions together and supporting them in choosing the most appropriate furnishings and their correct placement according to specific requirements.

Our products and solutions are versatile. The bathroom should be an inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable, ensuring safety, comfort, and convenience.


Functionality and aesthetics

Goman has always based its operations on quality and innovation. With our products, we aim to provide functionality for their intended purpose while being aesthetically pleasing, with elegant and design-conscious lines.

The bathroom is an environment where comfort and safety must be equally prioritized.

Design assistance

Choosing Goman means being supported by an extremely competent team that will guide you in creating safe and beautiful bathroom environments for the whole family.

We study customized solutions based on existing spaces and specific requirements.

We also help in decision-making through the production of high-resolution renderings with realistic images and precise dimensions, accompanied by specification texts.

Quality and production Made in Italy

All items produced in Goman’s workshops respect the Italian legislation and the European directive – CE, allowing us a 10-year warranty thanks to the fully internal and traced production chain in addition to the “100% Made in Italy” documentation.

All products in the catalogue comply with the European directive – CE, ISO 9001 certified, and TUV certified.

Wide choice and style

We have chosen to plan our design bathroom series for home with a prominent designer: Francesco Rodighiero, member of DfAItalia. The various solutions available in the Goman catalogur allow the creation of beautiful, comfortable, and safe bathrooms that meet any need and suit any age.

Items and series are available in a wide range of finishes in any RAL color, with tailored solutions available for specific requirements.

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