Bathrooms and Aids
for nursing homes, retirement homes, and hospitals

The regulations for Nursing Homes (RSA) have undergone several changes since 1988 when the financial law (article 20 L67/1988) allowed the initiation of an assistance investment plan aimed at creating a type of facility that integrates healthcare services with social and assistance services.

Bathrooms for nursing homes

Nursing Homes are various types of outpatient structures, depending on the type of assisted guests, based on their level of dependency and recovery potential. The main purpose is to provide a medium level of healthcare assistance and a high level of protective and hotel assistance for those who are not self-sufficient, such as the elderly or disabled individuals with physical or mental conditions.

To achieve a high level of social and assistance care, NHs need to organize their spaces appropriately in accordance with current regulations, ensuring the maximum use of aids and equipment. In this context, the bathroom represents a fundamental point that requires extensive experience in the design field. It is also necessary to have an extensive catalogue in order to satisfy every need and the multiple requests of RSA regarding elegant and functional products.

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Bathrooms for retirement homes

Retirement homes, whether catering to self-sufficient elderly or not, need to make their spaces as suitable as possible for the physical and mental conditions of their guests, as well as adequate for the healthcare professionals serving in the facility.

A correctly designed bathroom is a right of the user and a duty for the facilities, which must create the best possible environment for care and, where possible, make the guests feel “at home.”

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Bathrooms for hospitals

The hospital is an institution for healthcare, patient admission, and treatment. “Hospital-looking accessories” is now an expression used to indicate technical products with an unattractive appearance, intended solely for certain environments.

However, nowadays, designing and constructing or renovating a hospital means creating an environment that is both beautiful and elegant as well as functional, so that it contributes to and promotes healing. For this reason, Goman, in defining a hospital project, abandons that old concept of an unattractive appearance, embracing a more modern concept. It proposes colorful and design-oriented technical solutions so that patients feel comforted and at ease in the hospital environment.

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Goman meets this need by creating bathrooms for nursing homes, retirement homes, and hospitals that are not only functional but also elegant, contemporary, easy and quick to clean, non-slip, antibacterial, and compliant with current regulations.

with style and design

The elimination of architectural barriers is sometimes achieved by creating poorly maintained and essential environments whose sole purpose is functionality. Goman breaks away from this concept of mere utility and, through its wide range of products for assisted bathrooms, is able to design bathrooms for healthcare facilities with a well-maintained, modern, and quality appearance, with suitable, certified, and guaranteed products. Production is 100% Italian, all products are Made In Europe, and compliant with Cm standards.

The concept of a beautiful and functional bathroom is an objective that Goman has always pursued by designing with a “Design for all” perspective, for which it has also been awarded an important recognition by Dfa Italia.

Design with Goman

The needs for the construction and/or renovation of nursing homes, retirement homes, and hospitals, both during the design and implementation phases, are coordinated and supported by the experience of Goman’s technicians. It relies on highly specialized technical teams and a very extensive catalog, complete with technical data sheets, BIM sheets, DWGs. Our technicians can support both designers and installers in order to guarantee a perfect, compliant installation according to the required timelines.

The characteristic of “adaptability” is fundamental as there is no “standard” for disability, and therefore each user will necessarily have different needs, to be “customized” compared to others. In this sense, Goman provides design assistance for accessible and/or safety-compliant bathrooms: the necessary support for choosing the most suitable elements, correct positioning, based on the type of bathroom, its use, and its context.

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Goman, a perfect partner

  • Certified and guaranteed products
  • Internal production, from design to shipping, highly controlled process
  • 100% Italian production and guarantee that all distributed products are Made in Europe and CE compliant
  • Availability of BIM, DWG, and 2/3D sheets
  • Comprehensive and diversified product catalogue
  • Sole partner for the supply of standard, designer, and custom products
  • Rapid supply times
  • Active support to industry professionals, both in the studio and on-site
  • Use of quality and guaranteed materials, e.g., antibacterial and INOX 304 coatings

All Realisations

Nursing homes

Casa di riposo di Trento (Tn)
Casa di riposo di Cavenago (Mi)
Casa di riposo di Castiglione. D/S (MN)
Casa di riposo Rsa di Milano (Mi)
Casa di riposo la quiete Cosenza (Cs)
Casa di riposo bel tramonto Locarno Svizzera
Casa di riposo di Terni (Tr)
Casa di riposo di Valeggio (Vr)
Casa di riposo di Lendinara (Ro)
Casa di riposo di Brescia (Bs)
Casa di riposo suore rubatto (Sv)
Casa di riposo suore (Bg)
Casa di cura villa Camaldoli (Na)
Clinica Mediterranea (Na)


Rsa soliera di Modena (Mo)
Rsa santa caterina sett. milanese (Mi)
Rsa varisella Torino (To)
Rsa marioleone mesero (Mi)
Rsa Casier Treviso (Tv)
Rsa sabbioneta (Mn)
Rsa salute della mente Brusson (Ao)
Rsa Cesano Maderno (Mi)
Rsa green park (Mn)
Rsa residenza richelmy (To)
Rsa fondazione besana
Rsa Mulazzano (Lo)
Rsa Sondrio (So)


Ospedale di Cernusco (Mi)
Ospedale S/Carlo Morromeo (Mi)
Ospedale di Volta Mantovana (Mn)
Ospedale di Aosta (Ao)
Ospedale di Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mn)
Ospedale di Venezia (Ve)
Ospedale di Udine (Ud)
Ospedale Clinica Pederzoli Peschiera (Vr)
Ospedale Torino (To)
Ospedale Borgoroma (Vr)
Ospedale Borgotrento (Vr)
Ospedale Peschiera (Vr)
Ospedale Sancarlo (Mi)
Ospedale Santander Spagna
Ospedale di Vigo Spagna
Ospedale Svizzera


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