Shower provided with a seat, a safety aid for elderly and disabled people

What the majority of people may consider as time for his own relax, those who suffer from reduced motor capacity may see this moment as a relevant obstacle. We are talking about taking a shower and taking care of its own person.

For people with motor difficulties related to disability or advancing age, the shower can become synonymous with accidental falls and serious consequences. Having someone around, such as a relative or a professional figure dedicated to any form of assistance, in this case is useful and reassuring; this does not exclude the need for the shower to be equipped with suitable safety aids.

Dedicated shower’s seats transform the shower into a shower provided with a seat.

The shower provided with a seat: a necessary safety aid

In a bathroom there may be some barriers that transform personal hygiene into an obstacle course. For this reason, a bathroom addressed to elderly and disabled people must be designed in detail, with accessories and spaces organized in respect of precise rules. Toilets, for example, should be placed in a particular way, and should be provided with particular seats. Support grab bars should be provided to let people hang on; special washbasins and easy-to-reach warning bells must be also installed. The shower equipped with a seat is an essential comfortable component that should be placed inside a bathroom used by people affected by reduced mobility.

The shower provided with a seat may be of various models: it may have an ergonomic seat, or slatted seat, it can be folding or even removable.

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What are the advantages of a shower provided with a seat?

  • A comfortable and safe seat: being able to sit in the shower allows the user to avoid, or at least limit, the danger of falling or slipping all of a sudden. In fact, in the shower, there are also strong and safe supportive hand bars, used to hold on to when the user wants to stand up without the risk of losing his balance.
  • The shower is nice and stylish: it is appreciated by the customers also because it gives a touch of elegance and modernity throughout the bathroom.
  • The effort is reduced to a minimum: showers provided with a seat are the perfect solution for wheelchair or walker users; thanks to the sliding doors placed at floor level, it is possible to enter the box directly on the wheelchair.

If you want to install a shower with a provided seat in your bathroom, before proceeding, you have to see if you have the necessary space: a comfortable shower box suitable for disabled people, should be deeper of at least 160 cm. Sliding or folding doors are the most comfortable and safe, but also an easy solution in order to gain space if it lacks. Pay also attention to the distances to surrounding object/things such as the rest of the aids, windows or furniture: the shower must be perfectly accessible and there should be an easy entry.

Having said this, there are different methods to install a shower with a provided seat:

  • Installation of a folding seat under the shower column
  • Installation of a shower column with a built-in seat
  • Purchase of a shower tray with a built-in seat

If you are designing a bathroom from scratch, you may take advantage of the expertise and experience that you can find in Goman, so that you can install a safe and comfortable shower provided with a shower. The shower’s position and structure depends on different elements, such as personal stylistic taste, the space available and the physical needs of those who will use the bathroom. In any case, the best solution is to rely on professionals: Goman is able to take advantage of every single centimeter of you room, in order to create a bathroom in which comfort, safety and design are a constant presence.

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