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Bathrooms for the elderly


Accessible elegance
In the world, the number of the elderly is increasing and the quality of life for those of 65 and over is improving. Comparing the elderly of yesterday and that of the new millennium, there are to day persons with more energy and resources who lives in this golden age with greater serenity, no longer looking at it as a point of arrival but as a new and stimulating starting point. But, due to that, and due to the fact they need to be more and more independent, they need at present careful a more attentive assistance.

For all who work or do not work in this sector, it is necessary to reflect on this new trend and changes in the population style of life. Goman has therefore fine-tuned a complete range of articles specifically designed, and made in conformity with standards, suitable to every body, without disturbing the bathroom environment for those who have problems with mobility and not.

Products for a safe bathroom

“Open” and “Leonardo” series of grab bars, seating, taps, Alto 3 sanitary equipment and, "Oasi" walk-in baths with doors, thanks to their design and practicality, are particularly recommended for creating a safe and pleasant bathroom for the elderly, or temporarily disable people, and for all the rest of the family.

The grab bars, for example, while being able to bear weight, can also be equipped with bathroom accessories and used as towel rails.
Bathrooms for the elderly Goman

The Alto 3 WC sanitary fixtures and bidet series are higher, the “Open” washbasins are ergonomic and easily accessible and can be easily installed in any standard bathroom; the "Open" taps and fittings have a more pleasant looking, refined lever; the "Oasi" baths have a door and seat for easy entrance and use, all without neglecting aesthetics for functionality.


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