Ausili per il bagno antibatterico

Bathing aids with antiseptic and anti-bacterial coating

The threat of contamination in hospitals and public places is becoming more and more critical due to the virulence of new emerging bacteria families.
The Bio-Goman line is the development of a new and unique coating which inhibits the bacteria diffusion thanks to the action of the silver ions whose aim is to contrast the growth of micro-organisms.

Minaccia di contaminazione

In particular, this anti-bacterial process is a specific treatment which fights against the bacterial concentration which may form on metal surfaces. These treatments are formulated in order to limit the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and algae.

Grafico efficacia vernici

Their effectiveness has been tested by qualified external laboratories, in accordance with the legislation JIS Z 2801:2000. Targeted and prolonged tests have demonstrated the 99.9% reduction in bacterial flora within 24h.
Moreover, it has been approved for food use, as is it 100% non-toxic for the human being.

This type of anti-bacterial treatment is permanent, it is guaranteed for 10 years, and it is a standard for the whole aids’ series “Classic”, in his white version; it is also available, on demand, for many other series of articles, colours and stainless steel, polished or saturated.


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