Shower tray and cabin

While creating a bathroom environment addressed to disabled people, Goman proposes shower cabins with easy-to-open doors, and floor shower tray: these are perfect solutions that helps the movements of wheelchair's users. Showers which are not provided with a floor tray, are often an issue for disabled people: even few inches can prevent the entrance and/or the exit from the shower.

Essential elements for the bathroom environment addressed to disabled and/or elderly people are the shower tray and cabin: Goman realizes shower tray made of white thermoformed material with non-slip surface; they are designed to be embedded in the floor; shower cabins are available in glass with double-hinged doors, or in isolated polyglass (a perfect middle ground between quality and economy), provided with a folding opening door. These technical measures allow a safe use of the fixtures to those with motor disabilities; they also facilitate assistance in both domestic and public environments (hotels, B&B, hospitals, retirement villages, RSA...).

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