In Italy the concept of accessibility has been regulated by the law since 1989, due to the law 13/89 that establishes terms and conditions that have to be ensured by the company.

Any environment and industry, from tourism to public places, from websites to residential care homes, are gradually conform with accessibility issues. Since the beginning Goman offers solutions suitable to everyone.

There must be no differences between a user that suffers from impaired mobility, and someone that do not face this kind of problem.

A widespread accessibility

Both architectural and digital barriers must be removed. It is necessary to follow a new approach in order to design in an accessible way.

Goman proposes items of furniture which allow the creation of standard bathroom, by reducing barriers and respecting the regulations without forgetting the final aesthetic aspect of the bathroom environment.

Goman’s support to residence care facilities, hotels and public places

The accessibility issue is increasingly important: there are many entities that have to convert their environments by meeting everyone’s needs.

Residential care homes needs to strengthen their facilities with additional assisted baths: both hotels and public places must reshape their environments considering a tourism that will pay more and more attention to the issues of accessibility, visitability and adaptability.

Why choosing Goman’s products

By promoting, since the beginning, solutions that satisfy accessibility issues, and having been awarded the prestigious Design for All Italia, we are a valuable support for activities, individuals or designers that need to realize assisted bathrooms from scratch, or need to convert pre-existent bathrooms.